Looking for a new way to spruce up your household appliances without breaking the bank? New appliances can be expensive, but with our easy tips and tricks you can give your appliances the makeover they deserve — and  can even turn into fun activities for the whole family.

Before you get started on getting creative with your appliances, make sure that they’re all working and in good condition. At Appliance Repair Cleveland, we are here for all your repair questions and needs. Some replacements are easy and hassle-free, but others may require the attention of a skilled repairman. If something is not working right, give us a call at 440-287-6745.

Appliance Paint

Yes, appliance paint exists. It sounds like a funny concept but appliance paint is the perfect alternative if you’ve ever wanted a bright red fridge or a blue stove top. Appliance paint is easiest to use if you can find it in a spray can or some alternative like that, but if you have to use a brush that will work just as well! If you are planning on painting a surface that tends to get hot, make sure you get a heat-resistant paint and consult with an expert that this type of paint will be safe to use. While it may be heat-resistant, even this type of paint can have its limits.

Some of the popular paint styles are chalkboard paint, this is a great option if you’ve got kids. Stainless steel paint look-alikes are also a popular option to make your kitchen feel more industrial and modern.

Stainless Panels

If you’re not feeling the appliance paint, stainless steel panels could be the perfect makeover tool for you. These panels are magnetic sheets that can be custom trimmed and cut to fit all your appliances. They’re relatively easy to apply and are a great option if you’re renting some type of home and are not allowed to change the appliance appearance. These also come in a variety of patterns, prints, and colors, giving you endless options. With stainless panels, you’ll be able to see your kitchen transformed within a matter of minutes.

New Burner Gates

If you’ve got a gas stove you’re looking to improve, new burner gates will definitely help spice up your life. Burner gates come in all types of patterns that can make your kitchen look new and modern. This is probably the easiest way to make your kitchen feel new again, and your stove top will be transformed into a work of art.

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is one of the most popular materials for serious crafters, and now you can use it on any type of appliance. This is a fun way to create geometrical patterns and even get the kids involved in this. You can make letters and other fancy designs too. This product does not do well with heat, so keep it away from the oven and stove top, but any other appliance is a go.


This tip is a bit more old school, but chances are you have tons of family photos lying around the house. Get some colorful and fun magnets and cover the entire front of your fridge or any other appliance with pictures of friends and family. You can go for a trendy Instagram version of this, and print photos as Polaroids. If you love hosting dinner parties, put up some funny pictures of your guests. This will be a great conversation starter as well as a fun addition to any party!

While giving your appliances a makeover is fun, make sure that your appliances are in tip-top condition. At Appliance Repair Cleveland we work on a multitude of brands and appliances. Let us help you give your appliances the ultimate makeover, an appliance that works! Call us today or visit us in Warrensville Heights.