At some point in time, appliances became something so casual and mundane that we completely forgot that we were able to control the way that our space looks. Caloric Appliances has created a line of appliances that provide you with functionality and flare. Each of our luxury appliances is exactly what you need to take back control of your space. From unique colors to sleek and smooth designs, we have truly taken everything that your space needs into consideration.

What makes Caloric Appliances is great is that they not only look great, but they work great. Each of our appliances meets the highest standards of energy efficiency and provides those using the appliance with a new type experience in the kitchen.

Established in 1903, in Philadelphia, the Caloric brand has evolved and grown to truly become what it is today. Migrating from Philadelphia to Pennsylvania, from Pennsylvania to Toronto and from Toronto to Ontario in the late 2000’s, Caloric Appliances has learned what it means to stand up to the challenge of creating a brand unlike any other.

As a brand that enjoys always being one step ahead of the game, we have been a brand that continues to introduce new and upcoming features with our appliances. Some of the most notable features would be the infrared burners and built-in wall ovens within stones as well as a sleek and functional design to our various other products.

Caloric Appliances Repair in Cleveland

Whether it’s your refrigerator or your stove, Complete Appliance Service can help provide you with a free estimate on your repair as well as give you an answer as to how it can be fixed. With years of experience under our belts, we have worked on many Caloric appliances. Reach out today and let a member of our team take care of you.