Long Lasting, Easy to Maintain, Reliable Kitchen Products

As one of the leading appliance manufacturers in the United States for over 70 years, Brown has been offering the finest quality and best customer service. Founded by Grover Cleveland Brown in 1935, it was one of only sixty stove manufacturers operating in America. Today, they are the only remaining privately held range manufacturers in the states. Brown Cooking Appliances has dedicated their company to delivering quality products that people can use for years and years to come. From gas and electric stove ranges to cook tops and other built in products, Brown has a wide variety of products guaranteed to last.

At Complete Appliance Service, our appliance repair technicians are well equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to get the job done. Whether one of your appliances is in need of a serious repair, requires a replacement part or simply needs routine maintenance completed, you can count on us. In order to ensure that your appliances live up to their lifetime expectancy, make sure to get any repairs or routine maintenance taken care of as soon as you notice the need for it. Call our specialists to set up an appointment today!


Are You Considering A Brown Cooking Appliance For Your Home?

With new and innovative technology, Brown Cooking Appliances are made with the customer in mind. They have more standard gas and electric ranges, if you prefer that, but they also have recently introduced their new HeatSense® models.
This new technology helps prevent house fires caused by stovetops, so they’re perfect if you’re constantly on the go or have children who like to help in the kitchen. Brown Appliances create a safe environment while still providing your kitchen with a sleek and stylish look. 

The superior appliance repair services we provide are completed by experienced and reliable technicians. Whether you need appliance repair to fix your stove or your dryer, exceptional service is backed by both a satisfaction and money back guarantee. Ask us about it today when you book your appointment with us here in the Cleveland area!