Your stove is an important part of your kitchen. You use it to make yourself and your family meals on a daily basis. When it isn’t functioning properly, it can feel like a crisis. Fortunately, at Complete Appliance Service, we are highly experienced in helping our customers with stove repair in Moorland Hills.

How to Do I Know I Need Stove Repair Services?

It could be that you aren’t entirely sure if you need professional help with your cooktop, or if there is a simple, DIY fix. Of course you want to save money where you can, but there are certain signs that indicate that your stovetop repair is best left to the professionals.

Burners Won’t Work

If you are trying to boil water and after half an hour of waiting, realize that the pot is still ice cold, it could be that your burners aren’t working at all. The issue here is that you need to determine exactly why it isn’t working. Depending on whether you have an electric or gas stove, it could be an issue with a faulty heating element or a bad igniter. Either way, you need professional appliance repair to address this issue.

You Smell Gas

You aren’t even using the stove, but you start to smell gas. If you have an older stove, the issue may be that your pilot light is out, in which case, you may be able to relight it yourself (however, make SURE that you open a window first!). If your stove does not have a pilot light, it is imperative that you not use the appliance and promptly call us for stove repair in Moorland Hills. This could be very dangerous to you and your family, so it is best to call the professionals when you smell gas.

Your Food is Cooking Unevenly

If you are finding that your food is completely charred on the bottom but not cooked at all on the top, it is possible that you are having issues with your broiling element. Alternatively, if your food is overcooked on the top but burned on the bottom, the baking element may be broken. Both issues may be an indication of a faulty sensor as well. Either way, you will need an appliance repair professional to help you with this issue.

Regardless of what is wrong with your stove, we can help you. At Complete Appliance Service, we are happy to serve the entire Cleveland area, including Moorland Hills, for their stove repair needs. Contact us today to learn more!