Is your stove acting up? Unless you are eating out every night of the week, your cooktop not functioning properly is likely a big problem for you. You don’t have time for any of your kitchen appliances not to be doing their job when you have a family to feed. While stoves can be somewhat temperamental, we can help you with our stove repair services in Pepper Pike. You don’t need to be a stove expert to have your appliance in working order when Complete Appliance Service is here for you, but it does help to familiarize yourself with the signs that your stove is not functioning the way it should.

When to Call Us for Stove Repair in Pepper Pike

Learning to recognize signs that your stove needs repair can help you determine when you need to give us a call to come look at your range.

Electrical Issues

Are you having issues turning on your stove or oven? Alternatively, it could be that your stove and oven will turn on for you, but only intermittently. Regardless of whether it turns on sporadically or it doesn’t work at all, an electrical issue with your stove is hard to work around. You need a stove repair technician to come in and diagnose the issue to ensure that your stove gets back to working order.

Burner Issues

Whether it is one burner or all four of them, if you find that you can’t get your burner to heat, it’s going to be an issue that requires professional intervention. Both electric and gas stoves can suffer this fate, and for different reasons. Therefore, it is best to give us a call if you are having issues working with one or more of your burners.

Gas Issues

Do you smell gas in your kitchen? This is a major problem. Older oven models feature a pilot light, so it is pretty typical to smell gas; it is likely that the pilot light just went out, and you can open a window in your kitchen and reignite it yourself. However, if you have a newer oven model, you should not smell gas. If you do smell gas, it is important that you call a professional stove repair technician to fix it.

You Can Rely On Us

If something goes wrong with your kitchen appliances, it can be a huge issue. You need your kitchen appliances to work so that you can go on with your daily life, cooking for your family and not worrying about your next meal. You don’t want to have to be stressed out about whether or not your stove repair professional will know what they are doing. Fortunately, at Complete Appliance Service, our skilled repair technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to tackle any appliance repair. If you need stove repair in Pepper Pike or anywhere else in the Cleveland metro area, we would be more than happy to help. Contact us today for appliance repair in Pepper Pike!