One of the biggest difficulties of being a homeowner is dealing with an appliance that doesn’t work properly. Since our appliances are there to make our lives easier, we expect them to work consistently. However, when they stop working it can feel like our whole world is crashing down around us. One issue many homeowners face is a dryer that either doesn’t dry their clothes at all, or it’s inconsistent — sometimes it does dry your clothes, other times it doesn’t. Oftentimes, if you don’t realize this happened, you may be left with smelly clothes, or clothes that are irritating to wear. There are a number of reasons this could be, so let’s take a look.

You Overloaded The Dryer

Sure, it may seem like common sense to not overload your dryer. However, if you were in a hurry, you may not have taken this into consideration. Although a washer will work a little better when it’s overloaded, a dryer will not. Although you could try increasing the heat or time the dryer runs, this won’t always work, and it could even damage your clothing if you’re not careful. Instead, try reducing the number of clothes you put in the dryer. Instead of doing everything in one load, try doing it in two. If your dryer used to work with a lot of clothes in it, you may want to call an appliance repair expert to have it looked at.

Your Clothes Are Clumped Up

If you put more heavy clothing in your dryer or everything is soaking wet when it goes into the dryer, it may not get dried the way it should. When you’re taking your clothes out of the washer, be sure to separate any clothes that are stuck together or rolled into a ball. Generally, if everything is separated and not so clumped up, they will dry much quicker and you’ll be less likely to find that one article of clothing that didn’t wash. If you want to put bedding through the washer, try doing this in a separate load.

It Needs Repairs

Although your dryer could be faulty due to a user error, it’s more likely that it’s just not working properly and needs repairs or maintenance. Chances are, you’re well acquainted with how your dryer works and when something is off, you’ll recognize it immediately. Although you can try putting a smaller load in it or separating clothing beforehand, it never hurts to contact a professional appliance repair company. These are some common issues we fix with faulty dryers:

  • Heating elements can become damaged over time meaning your dryer will spin but not actually heat the clothes.
  • Clogged ductwork is the culprit of many faulty dryers. Not only does lint buildup in a dryer cause it to run less efficiently, but it can be a huge safety hazard and can even lead to house fires.
  • Thermal fuses are put in place in modern dryers to prevent fires, however, when they become faulty or break, the dryer may fail to run altogether.
  • If your drum fails to spin, your clothes aren’t going to get dry. This issue is usually caused by a broken belt.   

Contact Complete Appliance Service

When your dryer isn’t running correctly, you can’t go for a simple quick fix or DIY repairs. Home appliances can be complicated and although we have them to make our lives easier and more convenient, they can do the opposite when they aren’t working the way they should. Stay tuned to our blogs for more helpful appliance tips or give our dryer repair experts a call today.